CT101 has been a real whirlwind! I’ve learned so much in this class!

We learned how to make memes, GIFs, Vaporwaves and Panoramas. We learned how to use Photoshop so that we could take posters and remodel them. We also learned how to use Pixlr, the free equivalent to Photoshop.

I also used the DS106 repository quite a bit, so I went through a flurry of different assignments that ranged from writing to creativity, and even a mixture of both!

I also learned how to make hyperlinks, embed videos, and properly insert memes and GIFs into a blogpost.

At this point, I feel like I learned a lot of useful things that could definitely help me in the future and I have CT101 and Professor Seslow to thank for that. I think all my previous posts included all these things and a detailed description on how exactly I did these things and what prompted certain creativity.

Here is a hyperlink to a video I actually found on digital creativity!

I think in this class, I earned an A simply because of the work I put into my posts. I was never absent or late and I did every blogpost I was supposed to do and I exceeded standards by making sure I added an equal amount of text and media. Over the course of 15 weeks, I have made a total of 40 posts and counting! Also, over these 15 weeks, I would like to think that the quality of my posts improved. Of course, I have gone back and edited my old posts to add more, but I have learned to do more things and I added what I learned that week to my blog posts.

I think I am going to keep this blog going and keep adding material that pertains to my personal life and maybe I will keep trying things from the DS106 repository. I plan on applying my skills into the world by adding these to my repertoire! I can finally say that I know how to make hyperlinks and how to use photoshop!

What I enjoyed most about this class is learning all these new computer skills! I never knew there was so much out there in the technological world! Before this class I only knew the basic things about a computer, but now I can do a number of things that could hopefully help me later!

Ryan also helped me throughout this semester by calmly explaining everything and the process of certain technological processes. Because of all the help I received, here is some Help in return!

This is my final farewell to an amazing professor and CT101!

Week 13!

Hi all! We are reaching the end!! In the Thursday session, we only have one more week before the final website presentation!

See? Even Mike is shocked that the semester went by so fast! I feel like I wrote so much on this website and now you guys know so much about me!

Moving on, this week in class we finally shared our website URLs with the rest of the class!!!!!!

This is how I feel when I just realized I probably bared my soul to 40+ people I come into contact with on a weekly basis.

You guys can see into my personal life, and honesty it’s a little scary because I am a little bit of an introvert!!! But, I did it to myself my posting it anyways! It’s okay though because I know you guys are really nice!!!!

I got to see so many really cool websites used for different purposes!

I saw a website dedicated to art and I saw another one dedicated to artists the author really liked! I even saw one dedicated to pokemon!

I found all these things really interesting because when you are searching in the internet, you are searching for specific things and you don’t really come in contact with other things. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the gist is, I usually don’t see that type of art!

I also think it’s great that everyone is using their websites for different purposes! I mean, personally I’m using my website for a myriad of things, but some are using their sites for professional purposes.

Anyways, I think I will go edit my other posts now!

That’s what’s happening in Jennifer’s World (Is that catching on? lol)


Another Panoramic Photo

Well, take a look at this! I tried to do another Panoramic photo just like I promised allllll those weeks ago!

What you can see here is, on the left, my sister fell down and on the right, my mom is helping her up. This is a homemade panorama that was really fun to make!

What you guys don’t know about this photo is, we had to do a bunch of retakes until the picture was right!

The first few times they kept running in front of the camera and they were too close to the middle!

Other times, they kept on moving and blurred the picture! I finally got them still enough to make this panorama!

Actually making the panorama was not difficult at all! What we had to do was, open the panorama camera up on the phone and choose people to p=be in the picture.

Have them make a funny pose in one side of the room as you slowly move you camera to the middle of the room. Heres the tricky part! When you get to the center of the room, have everyone move to the other side of the room, but they have to run¬†behind you so that they don’t get in front of the shot.

Once they get there, they have to make another funny pose and you continue moving the camera. This will create the effect of people being to two places at once!

Easy right?!

Another Vaporwave!

Hello Everyone!!!

I decided to once again try my hand at Vaporwaves (vaporwaving?)

I had so much fun with the original, but I felt like I could make it better!

My first one was a mess! The colors were all wrong, the images were too small and I couldn’t figure out how to work Photoshop! (How embarrassing!) (Did I spell that right?)

I got all the transparent Vaporwave images from google and chose the ones that I thought fit with the background!

What’s the theme? There is none! HA!

They fit together based on the color!

Anyways, I decided to try a new background and stick to Pixlr to get all of it done.

Here is the final piece!

I feel like it is so much better than my first one! I know that it isn’t the conventional pinkish purple, but I think it still has that aesthetic vibe.

I also figured out why I had so much trouble with it before!

Remember when I told you that I was having trouble with Pixlr while I was also using Photoshop?

Well, it turns out that Pixlr wasn’t the issue!!! My issue is with Photoshop! I couldn’t really figure it out and then when I brought it to Pixlr, it became even more complicated!

All in all, I’m just going to use Pixlr from now on. It seems to agree with me!

See that? Even judge Judy agrees!

In other news, I found that really funny video of the Gandalf Sax Guy! Here it is!

I know it’s a stupid video, but it’s captivating! You just can’t stop staring!

Contributions- Assignment 11?

Hey everybody! Today is the last day of class before Spring break!!!!! (Cue Fanfare)

It’s been waaaaaay too long since we’ve had a break!

Anywaaaays………I went to school on Thursday morning for my class, but the Professor was unable to come. No big deal, but he was able to give us a small assignment.

Remember the Vaporwave project we did last week? Well this week’s assignment is to finish that up (if you haven’t already) and email him a pic of it. Then, he is going to add it to a group gallery with everyone’s work!

Here is the gallery.

And here is a screenshot of some of the work on the gallery.

Pretty cool right? I never really knew about Vaporwaves, but since I got introduced to it, I love it! I just think its so aesthetic!

Speaking of aesthetic, here is an extremely aesthetic music video I have loved for so long!!! 5 Seconds of Summer- Valentine

Getting off topic here…….

Now, when you look at this gallery, what do you think?

I think it is really interesting how so many transparent images can come together to create one large image. It is very similar to a collage, only, it’s not.

I think it would be really cool to be part of the collection. It is basically having your digital art be displayed in an open place. It’s actually having someone WANT your work. An interesting sensation.

In other news, I just tried to make another Vaporwave, it didn’t work.

I just couldn’t figure put how to insert an image as a layer. It worked on Pixlr last time, but I was using Photoshop this time, so maybe that was the issue.

Moving on. I just find the concept of a Vaporwave really great and I will absolutely try it again in the future.

I am good to enjoy my break now. Until next time.


Vaporwave- Assignment 10

This week, I decided to try something new! I started this post before we began the project in class. So now, you will get a step by step process of how exactly we will get this done!

First, the name of the project is Vaporwave.

This is what I first thought when I saw the word “Vapo” and I kept saying “Vaporub” the entire class! That’s besides the point though.

A Vaporwave is an aesthetic piece of technological art that can only be described as a meme because of the different variations and possibilities that can come from it.

Here is an example of a transparent Vapowave image:

It’s kind of like taking a simple image that speaks to you and splashing colors on it. The only thing is, a Vaporwave is so much more than that! It can actually be related to images of nostalgia from the 1980s or 90s.

Now! Onto the steps of how to make a Vapowave!

The application I used was Photoshop on the Mac at school, but once I reached home, I began to use Pixlr because I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop.

On Photoshop, I opened a new page a selected a really neon pink color and applied a gradient to it in order to get a mixture of other colors. Then, I perused Google for “Vaporwave Transparent Images” and chose about 7 or 8 photos that “spoke to me”.

After that, I went back to photoshop and clicked “file” and “open image” (you could also go to layer and choose open image as layer on Pixlr)

From there, the image showed up on the gradient and I was able to crop out portions of the picture using the “crop” tool, then I used the “magic wand” tool to get rid of any blank spots on the picture. After that, I was able to move the picture to where I wanted as well as make the picture bigger or smaller.

Everything was going pretty good up until that point! When I for home, well that was a different story. Like I said before, I used Pixlr and it is kind of different from Photoshop!

I probably looked ridiculous while trying to figure out how to control the sizes of the images. I can say with confidence now that I cannot change the sizes. Anyways, here’s the finished piece!

As you can see, a couple of the images are nice and large, but the rest of them are practically microscopic! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them larger! I tried to save photos with dimensions larger then 700, but when I ¬†opened the picture as a layer, the dimensions were stuck at 200!

I was so frustrated, but I decided tiny pictures were better than none. I would have waited until I could get to the lab and use Photoshop, but that wouldn’t have been until Monday!

Anyways, I’m pretty happy with the result!

Get Your Stuff Together- Assignment 9

Alright, here is an update on what just happened.

I just transferred ALL my work from the CT101 site to this site! So now, you won’t have to worry about going to another site to see my stuff, because it’s here!

I know, I know, Moana?!

Well, it came to mind so……….sorry.

Now, here is an update from class.

This week, we have to go through the class calendar to catch up on what we missed.


Now this is what messes me up because I haven’t missed one class this whole semester no matter how much I wanted to skip class and go back to sleep!!!

SORRY (not sorry) Ryan.

Now, I should probably check the calendar to make sure, right?

Anyways, this is our chance to make sure we have everything done!

Honestly, I would hate for one of us to miss a few things and our grade plummets. So, thank you Ryan for giving us the chance to GET OUR STUFF TOGETHER!

It will really help us in the long run!

No! Not this type of run! I mean this will help is in the end!

Moving on…….this class really is great! I’m learning more about technology every class. I was one of those people in class that never used photoshop!

I swear! I never knew how to work it until we worked with it the other week.

So, thank you CT101!

WOW!- Assignment 7


Today’s class was a real whirlwind! We actually went ahead and created our own websites!

Here is a link to MY website.

We went through a website called “Reclaim Hosting” and went through the process of creating our own Domain names, installing WordPress, and customizing the website.

It’s actually a blog that I can post anything on. I could even post pictures on the process of growing a plant and no one can say a thing!

We learned a little about installing plugins and customizing our sites.

So, make sure you check it out!

A Website?!- Assignment 6

Wait! You mean to tell me I am being entrusted with my own website?!

The power that is being bestowed upon me!

Haha Just kidding (Not Really).

Bust seriously, there are so many things one can do with their own website. One can, make a blog, sell things or just go on an extremely long rant.

I plan to make my website contain a few things. I want it to be a personal blog, a place to rant and a place to just post fun things I have been doing in class. It is not meant to be a site that everyone avoids. I want it to be relatable.


A secret…………. I wanted to create my own social media site and become the next Steve Jobs.

Photoshop Magic- Assignment 5

This is the finished product of my assignment today! Unlike the other few projects we have done, this one was a tad more difficult to complete. Maybe its because I am not too tech savvy or maybe its because I didn’t do something right. The world may never know.

It all started with choosing a portrait of the person of my choice. I couldn’t think of anyone but MLK. After choosing the photo, we had to open Photoshop and create this large white box for the photo to be put in. After that, we played around with editing the photo several times and saving it to end up with about 5 photos. After a few clicks of the mouse, you animate it and BOOM, finished product.

It was fun to do, but frustrating when the problems set in. You should expect problems though, especially when dealing with art.

Let me just tell you, the process of actually making my MLK project was more difficult than I would like to admit!

The formatting was complicated, but at least I managed to get it done!

If you try to say that memes aren’t art, visit my blogpost.