Birthday’s Are the Worst

Hello my loyal readers! By now, I’m sure you know me and my tendencies.

Yes, you guessed it. I paid another visit to the DS106 repository!

This is it!

This assignment looked interesting because there is nothing funnier than poking fun at someone who is not having a good time. It’s especially funny when you are making fun of yourself!

So the object of this assignment is to find an unflattering picture of yourself, preferably one where you are not smiling or you are looking generally aggravated. Then you attempt to liven up the picture by adding party decorations to the picture! Sounds fun enough right?!

So this is the pic I’m using.

Flattering right?

This picture wa taken a few months ago when I was trying to do homework and my sister was taking pictures of me in concentration mode. She took a nice pic of herself with me in the background making this face. I actually had to crop her out of the pic and zoom in on my less than pleased face.

Now it is time for me to decorate it.

I took the picture and uploaded it to

Then I went to the sticker section and added a bunch of Happy birthday stickers. The best thing is, they all move!

Anyways… is the finished product!!!

I look like the Grinch of birthday parties!!

Maybe it’s because the cake is too small.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it was literally like turning a bad situation into a good one.

This is what’s happening in Jennifer’s world!!

If Only They Could Speak

She did it again! I payed a little visit to the Ds106 repository! I find that people don’t really like to visit this site, but I think it’s interesting to see what interesting assignments you could find.

I also find that I much prefer writing assignments over a visual assignment. I guess it’s because I am more of a creative writer? The world may never know.

Anyways, here is the assignment I want to do.

For this particular assignment, I would have to personify an inanimate object and give it a storyline. I have done something like this before.

Here it is……….

Terry Turtle and Herman Hampster were walking down the street, minding their own business, talking politics when they encountered a being on the street. It was hunched over crying. Being the compassionate citizens they were, Terry Turtle and Herman Hampster approached the oblong figure. 

It was a tearful Taco! Terry and Herman asked the taco “Hey? Are you okay?” But the taco only answered, “I don’t wanna taco bout it!” 

Terry and Herman were understandably upset at this, but they continued to pry. Terry asked “Why won’t you taco bout it? Are you heated?”

Taco looked at them incredulously and replied “My boyfriend, Ched Archeese, is upset because I’m allergic to dairy! Then he broke up with me and I have no idea why! 

Terry and Herman exchanged a look. Herman quietly asked Terry “Will you tell her, or should I?” 

There you have it! My crazy take on a pair of friends that encounter someone else on the street! I really wasn’t sure if I should have included the taco or not. I mean, it wasn’t plant or animal, but I thought it would be a funny integration.

I’ll also be competely honest. I really wasn’t sure how to go about this assignment. I just let my creative juices flow, and there you have it!

A Quick Assignment

Surprise Surprise! I visited the DS106 repository again! I found this interesting assignment I wanted to try.

On social media, we all enjoy the funny animal videos where they are doing wacky things. We also enjoy it when animals are dressed up to look like humans! Well this assignment is something like that! Here it is:

I would have to peruse youtube to find a short video of an animal doing something funny! That won’t be difficult! Then I just need to turn it into a GIF.

Here is the video I chose!

Next, I went to and inserted the video into the “create” section. I cut the video to the section I wanted and added a caption. Simple, right?

I did run into a bit of trouble though! I couldn’t get the sticker to move with the dog, but I think that’s the point of a sticker!

Without further ado……….here’s the finished product!


I cut the video, added a caption, and I added this hotdog……….OMG I just realized what I did!!!! I made this poor dog eat a hotdog!!!!!!! Is this cannibalism?!?!?

ARG! Anyways, I added the hotdog sticker to make it look like the dog is eating and added a cute caption!


You’re probably very confused by my blog’s title. Well let me clear that up for you! I decided to peruse the DS106 repository again!! Yay!!

Here is what I found:

The assignment is to take an average movie poster, such as this one, and make it into something different! I’m pretty sure using Photoshop would be better, but I will have to use Pixlr.

This is the movie poster I will use! Baywatch!



I hope you guys can see the drastic differences! I added to picture to Pixlr and played around with the brightness, color, saturation and hue. I also added cute little animated friends around the poster to make the actors look less serious.

I mean, is the Rock really that frightening when he is holding a smiling star?

Although this movie is somewhat of a satire, I think the edits make them look ridiculous! I don’t know about you, but I would watch this movie!

I think that when I edited the poster, I made it too bright, but then again, it is supposed to look drastically different…..

I didn’t remove any of the writing because for some reason, Pixlr wouldn’t allow me to fill it with anything. Just another reason why Photoshop and Pixlr are different, but it is still a good alternative!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Another DS106 Creation

Because I had so much fun with the first project, I decided to try another one.

This is a screenshot of the assignment I want to do. It seems like a lot of fun!

I can only imagine the possibilities of this assignments. I can also imagine the reaction of the person I want to try this on.

Here is the link to the actual assignment.

First, I have to find a picture of the person. Then, I put it through the generator and let the magic happen.


Here is the finished product!


DS106 Creation- Assignment 3

This is one of the DS106 assignments I decided to try out. You know how on Instagram or Facebook you see an up close picture of something and think it’s one thing, but it’s really another? Well that’s what I want to do. It seems entertaining enough to try and trick the minds of my friends and family.

Here is a link to the actual assignment.

Now, the next thing I have to do is take a very close picture of a random, every day object. Then, I post it, sit back and relax as I watch viewers try and figure out what the object is. Sounds simple enough right? Well guess what? It was.

All I have to do it, take a picture and post it. So that’s what I did!

Can you guess what this is?

DS 106 Repository

I have, once again, went through the DS106 Repository for a creative assignment. Here’s what I found:

My favorite tv show might have to be “Orange is the New Black”. With six seasons, it was not difficult to find a few scenes that are my favorite. This is a good opportunity to take a scene and make it into what you want, or have the character say something you wished they said in the actual show!

Without further ado…’s the finished product:











I found the most serious, thought provoking scenes and made them into something a bit more comical! I mean, these ladies are in jail for months and years at a time, so of course one wouldn’t be able to find a happy scene.

Well, there actually is one scene where all the prisoners are happy. It is the lake scene at the end of season 3. Here it is!

That being said, it was surprisingly easy to find any scene and tack on a caption of dialogue that fits the chosen scene.

The five GIFs I made are a good example of that.

I also think some of these GIFs sum up our feelings perfectly, like the “I love my life” GIF or the “ME TRYING TO EXPLAIN MATH” Gif.

Although they are in jail, some of these characters a pretty relatable.


DS 106 Assignment

I went through the DS 106 assignment bank and found something interesting.

It sounded pretty interesting so, I tried it out.

Here’s what the generator decided for me:

Here’s the finished result:

Spongebob woke up on Tuesday morning, but not to this blow horn alarm clock or Gary. No, he woke up because he felt a strong breathing near his neck.

Snapping his eyes open, Spongebob came face to face with Deadpool! Spongebob screamed like a little girl who saw a ghost. He jumped up from his bed, only to slip on Gary’s slime trail and knock into every surface of his room and down the stairs to his living room.

Deadpool calmly trailed after Spongebob, sat on the couch, and began to drink  kelp soda. Spongebob, in a shrill voice, asked “Why-who- what…..what’s going on?! Gary call Squidward!”

Deadpool replied “Everyone is always talking about bikini bottoms, so I thought I would check it out. Its not what I expected.”

Spongebob deadpanned and said “This is Bikini Bottom! Home of the Krabby Patty!”

Spongebob proceeded to tell Deadpool all about how amazing these patties are. Deadpool’s mouth began to water and he immediately wanted to try this food.

Spongebob got ready for work and they walked their merry way to the Krusty Krab. As soon as they entered, they were met with Squidward’s best gloomy face and a whole line of customers waiting on them.

Spongebob made a mad dash towards the kitchen and whipped up 26 Krabby patties. There were only 6 customers.

Deadpool sat at a table, picked up the Krabby patty and took a bite. His eyes lit up and he continued to eat the patty with more gusto than necessary.

Deadpool spent the day people watching and patty eating.

At around 3pm, there was a loud crash from the kitchen and Deadpool sat up with alarm. He suddenly saw a Krabby Patty with legs running towards the front doors.

Deadpool rolled his eyes. Spongebob told him about Plankton. Deadpool walked over to the runaway patty, picked it up along with Plankton.

Plankton took one look at Deadpool and pebbles began to fall from under him. Deadpool rolled his eyes. He doesn’t deal with poop.

The whole town cheered Deadpool on as he walked Plankton over to the police and made sure he was locked up for life.

King Neptune then crowed him Prince of The Patty.

Suddenly, Deadpool opened his eyes and he was back to reality.