Finals Week

Finals are slowly approaching and I can feel my anxiety rising.

The thing is, I’m not agonizing over finals. No, I am agonizing over ONE final I have to do on May 14.

Guess what, it’s a theatre class!! Not just any theatre, it’s the history of theatre.


I know what you’re thinking, “Pfft the history of theatre, SO easy, she’s a crybaby.”

Yea, no, it’s not easy. But enough of my petty complaints! Finals are coming up, the most important part of the semester! Now is the time to show off everything you learned over the past 15 weeks!

That is exactly what I am doing right now!

We need to be finalizing all of our posts and make sure they are up to par!

Update: OH and guess what!? I finished that paper I mentioned before! Guess what the total page count is? 30 PAGES!!!!

I know right!!!! I felt like I was in grad school or something!

On top of this final, I was supposed to have only two, but this morning the class managed to convince the professor to make the final semi- optional.

No, this doesn’t mean we get to choose whether we take it or not. We only get to choose whether we want to take it in person or at home!

It’s a pretty easy choice, but I won’t tell you guys what I choose.

That only leaves me with one written final.

Another thing, I’m sure that I told you guys that I am starting Queens College next semester. I got in for the Summer semester! I am excited, but I’m also pretty nervous! Have you seen the campus? It’s huge!

This is the campus!

I’m also thinking of getting campus gear! Catch me next semester walking around with a complete Queens College outfit!

Anyways, I have to go now, but that us what’s happening in Jennifer’s World!

We are the Champions!

Well guys, we did it! We are almost at the end of the semester!

For some of us, graduation is right around the corner! Moments like this are bittersweet because we are staying goodbye to one portion of our lives and entering a new one.

Let’s think back to just a few weeks ago. We were stressed out from midterms and projects and we are evening feeling it now, but we are about to overcome it!

This is actually my last semester here at York because I am transferring out and am starting at Queens next semester, probably over the summer.

Here’s a link to their website if you wanna follow in my footsteps (WinkWink)

Transferring really isn’t too bad of a process especially if it is from CUNY to CUNY. But anyways, for some of us, this is the end!

Come graduation we are being chucked out into the real world!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! What to do what to do??!!!

No, it’s going to be okay! It’s time to get out there and show the world what we are made of!! This is literally what we have been training for since we got into school years ago!

This is the end of the semester and it is time for our curtain call………..because We are the Champions!  


Hey guys! I may be a lame-o for doing this, but I recently discovered a genre of music I actually like! I usually listen to pop, hiphop, stuff like that.

I recently got into Alternative rock and Pop Rock!

Now I’m not talking one or two songs. I’m talking about multiple artists!

it all started when I told Alexa “Play thumbprint radio” and all these songs started coming through from artists like Grouplove, Arctic Monkeys and Arcade fire.

Wanna know something? I liked it! I used to make fun of my sister for listening to it, but it’s growing on me!

Favorites are Take me out- Franz Ferdinand and Electric Feel- MGMT

These songs are awesome!!!!

I know I know!!! These songs are old and most of you have probably already heard them, but these types of songs never get old! It’s not exactly a classic, but it’s still great!

It if definitely better than some of the songs made today!!! Don’t get me wrong! There are totally songs made today that I am a fan of, but there are some that just….. don’t settle with me. Call me an old soul, but I miss those 70s-90s songs! This brings be back to my nostalgia post.

Anyways….. these songs are great and deserve more recognition!

In other new, do you guys know how to embed a video into a post? Thanks and enjoy!!

That’s what’s happening in Jennifer’s World!

Spring Break

So this week we were on spring break! I can’t be the only person thinking this was long anticipated.

I really thought that this week could be a great chance to relax! But unfortunately we are in college and there is no such thing as relaxation!

Seeing as the semester ends in about two weeks, we are too close to finals to not be doing any work for an entire week!

Because of this, I spent the entire week doing homework and working on final papers!

But on the bright side, I have a party to look forward to.

My cousin is having her Sweet Sixteen tonight (Saturday) so, it’s a huge celebration!

The party was great! There was dancing, singing, the whole 9 yards! I will not be able to post pictures from the actual party, but her color scheme was pink and gold. so with that, the decorations were gold and pink.

She had this really awesome cake that was red velvet in one layer and dulce de leche in the second later. Surprise surprise, it was pink and gold. Our cousin was the DJ, so he knew what songs and play and when.

I was able to light a candle and give a speech (I didn’t give a speech). If my sweet sixteen is anything to go off of, it was for the best!!!!!!!

But other than that, it was a lot of fun and I was glad to see my family after such a long time!

Oh wow! I feel like this blog has become a journal or diary of some sort! That’s not my goal though.

No, my goal is to post relatable things here, as well as my assignments!

The semester is slowly winding down and all the classes are coming to an end. Is it me or did this semester go by really fast?

This week we are back in school and finalizing everything! Finals are slowly creeping up, so good luck everyone!

Spill the Tea

Time for some tea spilling!

It has been about a little over week since the Jane the Virgin premiere!

We also figured out the mystery behind Michael’s return!

Stay tuned for spoilers…..






Michael had a coma and he now calls himself Jason!!!!

So that happened, and that is only because of Sin Rostro a.k.a Rose a.k.a Luisa’s ex- (lover)


I know, I know, sounds like it came straight out of a telenovella right?!

Also, we find out that Michael (Jason) does NOT like Jane anymore!

But he does have eyes for Petra.

I love this show so much because it is unlike other shows I have watched! It has a unique factor to it. I mean, from the very first episode, it was jam-packed full of drama!

It’s the type of show you wouldn’t mind binge-watching, and I can honestly say this isn’t the first show I have binge-watched.

Wow! I probably look like the girl that watches TV all weekend!

Well, I promise you I’m not! I spend so much time during the week studying and doing homework that the weekend is all I have to watch the shows I have missed!

That being said, DON’T take things so seriously! Sometimes we need a break, not physically, but mentally.

College life can be just as stressful as anyone else’s life. Don’t forget that youth comes in all packages and that relaxation needs to be part of your life!

So Sorry

Honestly, my website is a complete mess right now!

Like I said before, I was working on  moving all my stuff over from CT101 to here.

Now, all my assignments are out of order. They are all there (I checked), but it’s in complete chaos!

Gordon Ramsay explains it all!

Now, I will go back to my other posts and add on to them, perfect them.

Edit: I still have no idea how to organize me site! I have never been more confused over the internet. (Cue Laughter)

I guess I can take these last few weeks to figure it out!

In the meantime, here is a meme I created using my favorite trend!

Who did this to Spongebob?!

That’s what’s going on in Jennifer’s World!

We Need to Have a Conversation

Let’s have a talk about Jane the Virgin

The last season is premiering in about two weeks, and the producers left us on a cliffhanger forever ago!!!!!!!

Let’s recap, shall we?

Michael is back form the dead??!!

Only one way to find out what the heck is going on!!!!!! Watch the premiere!

R.I.P Luke Perry

I am sure all of you have heard by now, but Luke Perry passed away two days ago from a massive stroke.

He will be truly missed by his friends, family, and fans.

Goodbye Luke Perry, Dylan McKay, Fred Andrews, Avery Ford, Richard Steele, and Stewart Paylor.

Look Back

Can I just say one thing?

Do you guys remember our first assignment this semester? We had to talk about things that made up happy on the internet. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking of Drake.

I’m not talking about this Drake!


I’m talking about THIS Drake.

The “Makes Me Happy Assignment” made me think of his songs on the Superbowl commercial that Josh sold the creative rights to.

View the video here.

I am referencing the show “Drake and Josh”.


I cannot be the only one who misses every aspect of our childhood! There are so many posts, pictures, and videos online that display the 80s and 90s lifestyle that we experienced.

From the type of music to the way we played games, it is significantly different from the experiences of a kid today.

When I see posts like this, I can’t help but remember doing the exact thing as a kid. Now, don’t even get me started on the music videos!

We miss videos like this. We miss running home from school to eat Lunchables and watch our favorite after school cartoon.

Let’s face it. Media today is not the same as we are used to. We had Myspace, today’s kids have TikTok.


We had the pound key and today’s kids have hashtag.