A Whole New Poster- Assignment 8

Well, today we explored a whole new type of assignment on the DS 106 repository. This is it!

The assignment is to take a vintage poster and use Photoshop to turn it into a different poster. We also integrated something CT101 related into the poster.

This photo here is the original poster for a vacation in Ecuador.

Here is the Photoshop version of the same poster!

Notice the differences between the two photos? No? I’ll point them out for you.

Well, the biggest difference might have to be the text under Ecuador. I used the Marquee tool on Photoshop to remove the original text and add my own. I also changed the color of the actual text.

Now, I know this poster isn’t the best or the most creative, but I just couldn’t get Photoshop to work with me! The text kept moving, but I finally got it to an okay place, only now the text is all scrunched up together!

Maybe I’ll try another one later!

Lastly, I thought the vintage poster was a little too dark so, I lightened up some parts of the poster.

You guys should try it out.

That’s what’s going on in Jennifer’s World!!

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