Another Panoramic Photo

Well, take a look at this! I tried to do another Panoramic photo just like I promised allllll those weeks ago!

What you can see here is, on the left, my sister fell down and on the right, my mom is helping her up. This is a homemade panorama that was really fun to make!

What you guys don’t know about this photo is, we had to do a bunch of retakes until the picture was right!

The first few times they kept running in front of the camera and they were too close to the middle!

Other times, they kept on moving and blurred the picture! I finally got them still enough to make this panorama!

Actually making the panorama was not difficult at all! What we had to do was, open the panorama camera up on the phone and choose people to p=be in the picture.

Have them make a funny pose in one side of the room as you slowly move you camera to the middle of the room. Heres the tricky part! When you get to the center of the room, have everyone move to the other side of the room, but they have to run behind you so that they don’t get in front of the shot.

Once they get there, they have to make another funny pose and you continue moving the camera. This will create the effect of people being to two places at once!

Easy right?!

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