Another Vaporwave!

Hello Everyone!!!

I decided to once again try my hand at Vaporwaves (vaporwaving?)

I had so much fun with the original, but I felt like I could make it better!

My first one was a mess! The colors were all wrong, the images were too small and I couldn’t figure out how to work Photoshop! (How embarrassing!) (Did I spell that right?)

I got all the transparent Vaporwave images from google and chose the ones that I thought fit with the background!

What’s the theme? There is none! HA!

They fit together based on the color!

Anyways, I decided to try a new background and stick to Pixlr to get all of it done.

Here is the final piece!

I feel like it is so much better than my first one! I know that it isn’t the conventional pinkish purple, but I think it still has that aesthetic vibe.

I also figured out why I had so much trouble with it before!

Remember when I told you that I was having trouble with Pixlr while I was also using Photoshop?

Well, it turns out that Pixlr wasn’t the issue!!! My issue is with Photoshop! I couldn’t really figure it out and then when I brought it to Pixlr, it became even more complicated!

All in all, I’m just going to use Pixlr from now on. It seems to agree with me!

See that? Even judge Judy agrees!

In other news, I found that really funny video of the Gandalf Sax Guy! Here it is!

I know it’s a stupid video, but it’s captivating! You just can’t stop staring!

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