Crazy Panoramic Project Assignment 4

This is what I like to call villainy at its finest. In the above image, you can see four super villains attempting to telepathically push four innocent civilians off a railing. Beware!

Just kidding! There are no super villains on the loose………that I am aware of.

No. What the first image portrays is a lovely panoramic photo attempt by my group mates and I. It was easy to do and fun, but we also had to redo it multiple times because………someone…….. kept moving.

Haha! No, I am kidding again! We just couldn’t get it right, but I think we are all happy with the finished result. The actual photo was very fun to make. The idea itself was difficult to come up with because we all had so many great ideas. From pretending to be confused to time travel. This group thought of it all.

Now, let me take you though the process of taking a panoramic photo. We had someone standing nearby with the panoramic setting on the camera. We posed a certain way until half the photo was taken then, we ran BEHIND the photographer and posed a different way. This gives the impression that we were in two places at once.


This project was so much fun and I cannot wait to try it with my friends!

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