My last post is an assignment for my CT101 class. If you guys ever get a chance to take it, you should!

There are lots of interesting activities to do!

The class basically teaches you to use all sorts of media platforms like Giphy, Photoshop and Pixlr (a photoshop alternative).

So far, we have mede memes, GIFs, and other photos using filters. We even took a vintage poster and created a new one from it.

I made this GIF from Giphy!

Now, before this class, I thought of myself as tech savvy, but this class only proved to me that I am far from it.

How surprising (Not really surprising)

But we are a little over half way through the semester and I have already learned enough the make it through the rest of the semester.

So, this is a shout out to CT101 and the professors!

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