CT101 has been a real whirlwind! I’ve learned so much in this class!

We learned how to make memes, GIFs, Vaporwaves and Panoramas. We learned how to use Photoshop so that we could take posters and remodel them. We also learned how to use Pixlr, the free equivalent to Photoshop.

I also used the DS106 repository quite a bit, so I went through a flurry of different assignments that ranged from writing to creativity, and even a mixture of both!

I also learned how to make hyperlinks, embed videos, and properly insert memes and GIFs into a blogpost.

At this point, I feel like I learned a lot of useful things that could definitely help me in the future and I have CT101 and Professor Seslow to thank for that. I think all my previous posts included all these things and a detailed description on how exactly I did these things and what prompted certain creativity.

Here is a hyperlink to a video I actually found on digital creativity!

I think in this class, I earned an A simply because of the work I put into my posts. I was never absent or late and I did every blogpost I was supposed to do and I exceeded standards by making sure I added an equal amount of text and media. Over the course of 15 weeks, I have made a total of 40 posts and counting! Also, over these 15 weeks, I would like to think that the quality of my posts improved. Of course, I have gone back and edited my old posts to add more, but I have learned to do more things and I added what I learned that week to my blog posts.

I think I am going to keep this blog going and keep adding material that pertains to my personal life and maybe I will keep trying things from the DS106 repository. I plan on applying my skills into the world by adding these to my repertoire! I can finally say that I know how to make hyperlinks and how to use photoshop!

What I enjoyed most about this class is learning all these new computer skills! I never knew there was so much out there in the technological world! Before this class I only knew the basic things about a computer, but now I can do a number of things that could hopefully help me later!

Ryan also helped me throughout this semester by calmly explaining everything and the process of certain technological processes. Because of all the help I received, here is some Help in return!

This is my final farewell to an amazing professor and CT101!

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  1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! It was a great semester and you have completed amazing work across all criteria!! 40 blog posts and counting!!! Thank you!
    You must keep blogging! Have a great summer! :))

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