Get Your Stuff Together- Assignment 9

Alright, here is an update on what just happened.

I just transferred ALL my work from the CT101 site to this site! So now, you won’t have to worry about going to another site to see my stuff, because it’s here!

I know, I know, Moana?!

Well, it came to mind so……….sorry.

Now, here is an update from class.

This week, we have to go through the class calendar to catch up on what we missed.


Now this is what messes me up because I haven’t missed one class this whole semester no matter how much I wanted to skip class and go back to sleep!!!

SORRY (not sorry) Ryan.

Now, I should probably check the calendar to make sure, right?

Anyways, this is our chance to make sure we have everything done!

Honestly, I would hate for one of us to miss a few things and our grade plummets. So, thank you Ryan for giving us the chance to GET OUR STUFF TOGETHER!

It will really help us in the long run!

No! Not this type of run! I mean this will help is in the end!

Moving on…….this class really is great! I’m learning more about technology every class. I was one of those people in class that never used photoshop!

I swear! I never knew how to work it until we worked with it the other week.

So, thank you CT101!

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