Vaporwave- Assignment 10

This week, I decided to try something new! I started this post before we began the project in class. So now, you will get a step by step process of how exactly we will get this done!

First, the name of the project is Vaporwave.

This is what I first thought when I saw the word “Vapo” and I kept saying “Vaporub” the entire class! That’s besides the point though.

A Vaporwave is an aesthetic piece of technological art that can only be described as a meme because of the different variations and possibilities that can come from it.

Here is an example of a transparent Vapowave image:

It’s kind of like taking a simple image that speaks to you and splashing colors on it. The only thing is, a Vaporwave is so much more than that! It can actually be related to images of nostalgia from the 1980s or 90s.

Now! Onto the steps of how to make a Vapowave!

The application I used was Photoshop on the Mac at school, but once I reached home, I began to use Pixlr because I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop.

On Photoshop, I opened a new page a selected a really neon pink color and applied a gradient to it in order to get a mixture of other colors. Then, I perused Google for “Vaporwave Transparent Images” and chose about 7 or 8 photos that “spoke to me”.

After that, I went back to photoshop and clicked “file” and “open image” (you could also go to layer and choose open image as layer on Pixlr)

From there, the image showed up on the gradient and I was able to crop out portions of the picture using the “crop” tool, then I used the “magic wand” tool to get rid of any blank spots on the picture. After that, I was able to move the picture to where I wanted as well as make the picture bigger or smaller.

Everything was going pretty good up until that point! When I for home, well that was a different story. Like I said before, I used Pixlr and it is kind of different from Photoshop!

I probably looked ridiculous while trying to figure out how to control the sizes of the images. I can say with confidence now that I cannot change the sizes. Anyways, here’s the finished piece!

As you can see, a couple of the images are nice and large, but the rest of them are practically microscopic! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them larger! I tried to save photos with dimensions larger then 700, but when I  opened the picture as a layer, the dimensions were stuck at 200!

I was so frustrated, but I decided tiny pictures were better than none. I would have waited until I could get to the lab and use Photoshop, but that wouldn’t have been until Monday!

Anyways, I’m pretty happy with the result!

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