Week 13!

Hi all! We are reaching the end!! In the Thursday session, we only have one more week before the final website presentation!

See? Even Mike is shocked that the semester went by so fast! I feel like I wrote so much on this website and now you guys know so much about me!

Moving on, this week in class we finally shared our website URLs with the rest of the class!!!!!!

This is how I feel when I just realized I probably bared my soul to 40+ people I come into contact with on a weekly basis.

You guys can see into my personal life, and honesty it’s a little scary because I am a little bit of an introvert!!! But, I did it to myself my posting it anyways! It’s okay though because I know you guys are really nice!!!!

I got to see so many really cool websites used for different purposes!

I saw a website dedicated to art and I saw another one dedicated to artists the author really liked! I even saw one dedicated to pokemon!

I found all these things really interesting because when you are searching in the internet, you are searching for specific things and you don’t really come in contact with other things. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the gist is, I usually don’t see that type of art!

I also think it’s great that everyone is using their websites for different purposes! I mean, personally I’m using my website for a myriad of things, but some are using their sites for professional purposes.

Anyways, I think I will go edit my other posts now!

That’s what’s happening in Jennifer’s World (Is that catching on? lol)


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