A Quick Assignment

Surprise Surprise! I visited the DS106 repository again! I found this interesting assignment I wanted to try.

On social media, we all enjoy the funny animal videos where they are doing wacky things. We also enjoy it when animals are dressed up to look like humans! Well this assignment is something like that! Here it is:

I would have to peruse youtube to find a short video of an animal doing something funny! That won’t be difficult! Then I just need to turn it into a GIF.

Here is the video I chose!

Next, I went to Giphy.com and inserted the video into the “create” section. I cut the video to the section I wanted and added a caption. Simple, right?

I did run into a bit of trouble though! I couldn’t get the sticker to move with the dog, but I think that’s the point of a sticker!

Without further ado……….here’s the finished product!


I cut the video, added a caption, and I added this hotdog……….OMG I just realized what I did!!!! I made this poor dog eat a hotdog!!!!!!! Is this cannibalism?!?!?

ARG! Anyways, I added the hotdog sticker to make it look like the dog is eating and added a cute caption!

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