You’re probably very confused by my blog’s title. Well let me clear that up for you! I decided to peruse the DS106 repository again!! Yay!!

Here is what I found:

The assignment is to take an average movie poster, such as this one, and make it into something different! I’m pretty sure using Photoshop would be better, but I will have to use Pixlr.

This is the movie poster I will use! Baywatch!



I hope you guys can see the drastic differences! I added to picture to Pixlr and played around with the brightness, color, saturation and hue. I also added cute little animated friends around the poster to make the actors look less serious.

I mean, is the Rock really that frightening when he is holding a smiling star?

Although this movie is somewhat of a satire, I think the edits make them look ridiculous! I don’t know about you, but I would watch this movie!

I think that when I edited the poster, I made it too bright, but then again, it is supposed to look drastically different…..

I didn’t remove any of the writing because for some reason, Pixlr wouldn’t allow me to fill it with anything. Just another reason why Photoshop and Pixlr are different, but it is still a good alternative!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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