Birthday’s Are the Worst

Hello my loyal readers! By now, I’m sure you know me and my tendencies.

Yes, you guessed it. I paid another visit to the DS106 repository!

This is it!

This assignment looked interesting because there is nothing funnier than poking fun at someone who is not having a good time. It’s especially funny when you are making fun of yourself!

So the object of this assignment is to find an unflattering picture of yourself, preferably one where you are not smiling or you are looking generally aggravated. Then you attempt to liven up the picture by adding party decorations to the picture! Sounds fun enough right?!

So this is the pic I’m using.

Flattering right?

This picture wa taken a few months ago when I was trying to do homework and my sister was taking pictures of me in concentration mode. She took a nice pic of herself with me in the background making this face. I actually had to crop her out of the pic and zoom in on my less than pleased face.

Now it is time for me to decorate it.

I took the picture and uploaded it to

Then I went to the sticker section and added a bunch of Happy birthday stickers. The best thing is, they all move!

Anyways… is the finished product!!!

I look like the Grinch of birthday parties!!

Maybe it’s because the cake is too small.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it was literally like turning a bad situation into a good one.

This is what’s happening in Jennifer’s world!!

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