DS 106 Repository

I have, once again, went through the DS106 Repository for a creative assignment. Here’s what I found:

My favorite tv show might have to be “Orange is the New Black”. With six seasons, it was not difficult to find a few scenes that are my favorite. This is a good opportunity to take a scene and make it into what you want, or have the character say something you wished they said in the actual show!

Without further ado…..here’s the finished product:











I found the most serious, thought provoking scenes and made them into something a bit more comical! I mean, these ladies are in jail for months and years at a time, so of course one wouldn’t be able to find a happy scene.

Well, there actually is one scene where all the prisoners are happy. It is the lake scene at the end of season 3. Here it is!

That being said, it was surprisingly easy to find any scene and tack on a caption of dialogue that fits the chosen scene.

The five GIFs I made are a good example of that.

I also think some of these GIFs sum up our feelings perfectly, like the “I love my life” GIF or the “ME TRYING TO EXPLAIN MATH” Gif.

Although they are in jail, some of these characters a pretty relatable.


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