Happy With It- Assignment 1

The best thing about the internet right now would have to be the several different social media outlets available to everyone. People can be social now more that ever because of the myriad of ways we can interact.


There are social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and others. Individuals can post their thoughts, pictures and videos in order to share with their family and friends and even share their common interests.

There are so may ways to keep in contact with old friends and new ones. You simply search their name on a social media site and you immediately have access to their profile. It’s great, but dangerous in some ways.

Other than this, social media is also a great way to keep up with what is happening outside. There are either updates, gossip, and discussions about our favorite shows. Celebrities lives are basically posted to the web. While it is a great way to update fans, sometimes it is an overkill.

There is a positive side to it though. This will come in handy when One Direction finally reunites.

Social media outlets especially make me happy when I am able to see what all friends are doing because I can privately message them anywhere.

All in all, social media sites are very advanced currently and can only get more advanced as time passes.

What to do?

This is how I’m feeling when my website is’t going through CT101!!!!!


Why isn’t my content showing up!!!

Any pointers?

Or maybe I should be posting both here and CT101. But that would be a waste of time right?



Classes are very busy right now, but hopefully things get better soon!

Also, I made this really cool GIF from a weird Youtube clip I found.

And here it is……………the Gandalf Sax Guy!

Trust me, it’s a lot better with the music, and it’s pretty darn catchy too!


My last post is an assignment for my CT101 class. If you guys ever get a chance to take it, you should!

There are lots of interesting activities to do!

The class basically teaches you to use all sorts of media platforms like Giphy, Photoshop and Pixlr (a photoshop alternative).

So far, we have mede memes, GIFs, and other photos using filters. We even took a vintage poster and created a new one from it.

I made this GIF from Giphy!

Now, before this class, I thought of myself as tech savvy, but this class only proved to me that I am far from it.

How surprising (Not really surprising)

But we are a little over half way through the semester and I have already learned enough the make it through the rest of the semester.

So, this is a shout out to CT101 and the professors!

A Whole New Poster- Assignment 8

Well, today we explored a whole new type of assignment on the DS 106 repository. This is it!

The assignment is to take a vintage poster and use Photoshop to turn it into a different poster. We also integrated something CT101 related into the poster.

This photo here is the original poster for a vacation in Ecuador.

Here is the Photoshop version of the same poster!

Notice the differences between the two photos? No? I’ll point them out for you.

Well, the biggest difference might have to be the text under Ecuador. I used the Marquee tool on Photoshop to remove the original text and add my own. I also changed the color of the actual text.

Now, I know this poster isn’t the best or the most creative, but I just couldn’t get Photoshop to work with me! The text kept moving, but I finally got it to an okay place, only now the text is all scrunched up together!

Maybe I’ll try another one later!

Lastly, I thought the vintage poster was a little too dark so, I lightened up some parts of the poster.

You guys should try it out.

That’s what’s going on in Jennifer’s World!!

DS 106 Repository

I have, once again, went through the DS106 Repository for a creative assignment. Here’s what I found:

My favorite tv show might have to be “Orange is the New Black”. With six seasons, it was not difficult to find a few scenes that are my favorite. This is a good opportunity to take a scene and make it into what you want, or have the character say something you wished they said in the actual show!

Without further ado…..here’s the finished product:











I found the most serious, thought provoking scenes and made them into something a bit more comical! I mean, these ladies are in jail for months and years at a time, so of course one wouldn’t be able to find a happy scene.

Well, there actually is one scene where all the prisoners are happy. It is the lake scene at the end of season 3. Here it is!

That being said, it was surprisingly easy to find any scene and tack on a caption of dialogue that fits the chosen scene.

The five GIFs I made are a good example of that.

I also think some of these GIFs sum up our feelings perfectly, like the “I love my life” GIF or the “ME TRYING TO EXPLAIN MATH” Gif.

Although they are in jail, some of these characters a pretty relatable.


DS 106 Assignment

I went through the DS 106 assignment bank and found something interesting.

It sounded pretty interesting so, I tried it out.

Here’s what the generator decided for me:

Here’s the finished result:

Spongebob woke up on Tuesday morning, but not to this blow horn alarm clock or Gary. No, he woke up because he felt a strong breathing near his neck.

Snapping his eyes open, Spongebob came face to face with Deadpool! Spongebob screamed like a little girl who saw a ghost. He jumped up from his bed, only to slip on Gary’s slime trail and knock into every surface of his room and down the stairs to his living room.

Deadpool calmly trailed after Spongebob, sat on the couch, and began to drink  kelp soda. Spongebob, in a shrill voice, asked “Why-who- what…..what’s going on?! Gary call Squidward!”

Deadpool replied “Everyone is always talking about bikini bottoms, so I thought I would check it out. Its not what I expected.”

Spongebob deadpanned and said “This is Bikini Bottom! Home of the Krabby Patty!”

Spongebob proceeded to tell Deadpool all about how amazing these patties are. Deadpool’s mouth began to water and he immediately wanted to try this food.

Spongebob got ready for work and they walked their merry way to the Krusty Krab. As soon as they entered, they were met with Squidward’s best gloomy face and a whole line of customers waiting on them.

Spongebob made a mad dash towards the kitchen and whipped up 26 Krabby patties. There were only 6 customers.

Deadpool sat at a table, picked up the Krabby patty and took a bite. His eyes lit up and he continued to eat the patty with more gusto than necessary.

Deadpool spent the day people watching and patty eating.

At around 3pm, there was a loud crash from the kitchen and Deadpool sat up with alarm. He suddenly saw a Krabby Patty with legs running towards the front doors.

Deadpool rolled his eyes. Spongebob told him about Plankton. Deadpool walked over to the runaway patty, picked it up along with Plankton.

Plankton took one look at Deadpool and pebbles began to fall from under him. Deadpool rolled his eyes. He doesn’t deal with poop.

The whole town cheered Deadpool on as he walked Plankton over to the police and made sure he was locked up for life.

King Neptune then crowed him Prince of The Patty.

Suddenly, Deadpool opened his eyes and he was back to reality.




The Frustration Factor

Well, yesterday I got some terrible news.

I can no longer continue getting my degree here because I was told my major is the same thing as my field of work, even though it isn’t. To make a long story short, I have to transfer and get set back an entire year!

Always Learning Something New- Assignment 7 Part 2


So, today we customized our websites and I learned a lot of new things.

First things first, I created a menu! That’s right! I can do that now!

We also installed a few new plugins!

Oh! Apparently, I can kind of add my Instagram to this site so you all can see a bit more into my world!

This Week

This week, class was a filler.

We had to make sure we tied up the loose ends with registering our websites.

Also, we had to make sure we sent a frame from the GIF we made two weeks ago to Ryan. Honestly, I forgot, But hey! It’s cool!



Lastly, we had to fill out a form thats filled with information about our personal websites. It made be a bit paranoid!

Maybe, now I’ll peruse the DS 106 site and find a creative assignment. That’s what’s happening in Jennifer’s World!

What Are You Doing?

Bachelor Nation? We need to have a serious conversation!

Hannah B is the next Bachelorette?!

Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves love, but I wanted Caelynn. It’s ok though!

This is only my humble opinion though.

I went to social media to see what everyone thought.

This is a screenshot directly from my Instagram. Apparently, Bachelor Nation wants her.


All I know is, GOOD LUCK HANNAH B!!