Hey guys! I may be a lame-o for doing this, but I recently discovered a genre of music I actually like! I usually listen to pop, hiphop, stuff like that.

I recently got into Alternative rock and Pop Rock!

Now I’m not talking one or two songs. I’m talking about multiple artists!

it all started when I told Alexa “Play thumbprint radio” and all these songs started coming through from artists like Grouplove, Arctic Monkeys and Arcade fire.

Wanna know something? I liked it! I used to make fun of my sister for listening to it, but it’s growing on me!

Favorites are Take me out- Franz Ferdinand and Electric Feel- MGMT

These songs are awesome!!!!

I know I know!!! These songs are old and most of you have probably already heard them, but these types of songs never get old! It’s not exactly a classic, but it’s still great!

It if definitely better than some of the songs made today!!! Don’t get me wrong! There are totally songs made today that I am a fan of, but there are some that just….. don’t settle with me. Call me an old soul, but I miss those 70s-90s songs! This brings be back to my nostalgia post.

Anyways….. these songs are great and deserve more recognition!

In other new, do you guys know how to embed a video into a post? Thanks and enjoy!!

That’s what’s happening in Jennifer’s World!

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  1. Those songs are crazy good! If you’re into alt rock, try giving The Black Keys a listen. The deep tracks are good too

  2. Hi, wow!!! So glad you are exploring other artists! Music in itself is an art!! Thanks for sharing, will check it out 🙂

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