Finals Week

Finals are slowly approaching and I can feel my anxiety rising.

The thing is, I’m not agonizing over finals. No, I am agonizing over ONE final I have to do on May 14.

Guess what, it’s a theatre class!! Not just any theatre, it’s the history of theatre.


I know what you’re thinking, “Pfft the history of theatre, SO easy, she’s a crybaby.”

Yea, no, it’s not easy. But enough of my petty complaints! Finals are coming up, the most important part of the semester! Now is the time to show off everything you learned over the past 15 weeks!

That is exactly what I am doing right now!

We need to be finalizing all of our posts and make sure they are up to par!

Update: OH and guess what!? I finished that paper I mentioned before! Guess what the total page count is? 30 PAGES!!!!

I know right!!!! I felt like I was in grad school or something!

On top of this final, I was supposed to have only two, but this morning the class managed to convince the professor to make the final semi- optional.

No, this doesn’t mean we get to choose whether we take it or not. We only get to choose whether we want to take it in person or at home!

It’s a pretty easy choice, but I won’t tell you guys what I choose.

That only leaves me with one written final.

Another thing, I’m sure that I told you guys that I am starting Queens College next semester. I got in for the Summer semester! I am excited, but I’m also pretty nervous! Have you seen the campus? It’s huge!

This is the campus!

I’m also thinking of getting campus gear! Catch me next semester walking around with a complete Queens College outfit!

Anyways, I have to go now, but that us what’s happening in Jennifer’s World!

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