Spill the Tea

Time for some tea spilling!

It has been about a little over week since the Jane the Virgin premiere!

We also figured out the mystery behind Michael’s return!

Stay tuned for spoilers…..






Michael had a coma and he now calls himself Jason!!!!

So that happened, and that is only because of Sin Rostro a.k.a Rose a.k.a Luisa’s ex- (lover)


I know, I know, sounds like it came straight out of a telenovella right?!

Also, we find out that Michael (Jason) does NOT like Jane anymore!

But he does have eyes for Petra.

I love this show so much because it is unlike other shows I have watched! It has a unique factor to it. I mean, from the very first episode, it was jam-packed full of drama!

It’s the type of show you wouldn’t mind binge-watching, and I can honestly say this isn’t the first show I have binge-watched.

Wow! I probably look like the girl that watches TV all weekend!

Well, I promise you I’m not! I spend so much time during the week studying and doing homework that the weekend is all I have to watch the shows I have missed!

That being said, DON’T take things so seriously! Sometimes we need a break, not physically, but mentally.

College life can be just as stressful as anyone else’s life. Don’t forget that youth comes in all packages and that relaxation needs to be part of your life!

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