Spring Break

So this week we were on spring break! I can’t be the only person thinking this was long anticipated.

I really thought that this week could be a great chance to relax! But unfortunately we are in college and there is no such thing as relaxation!

Seeing as the semester ends in about two weeks, we are too close to finals to not be doing any work for an entire week!

Because of this, I spent the entire week doing homework and working on final papers!

But on the bright side, I have a party to look forward to.

My cousin is having her Sweet Sixteen tonight (Saturday) so, it’s a huge celebration!

The party was great! There was dancing, singing, the whole 9 yards! I will not be able to post pictures from the actual party, but her color scheme was pink and gold. so with that, the decorations were gold and pink.

She had this really awesome cake that was red velvet in one layer and dulce de leche in the second later. Surprise surprise, it was pink and gold. Our cousin was the DJ, so he knew what songs and play and when.

I was able to light a candle and give a speech (I didn’t give a speech). If my sweet sixteen is anything to go off of, it was for the best!!!!!!!

But other than that, it was a lot of fun and I was glad to see my family after such a long time!

Oh wow! I feel like this blog has become a journal or diary of some sort! That’s not my goal though.

No, my goal is to post relatable things here, as well as my assignments!

The semester is slowly winding down and all the classes are coming to an end. Is it me or did this semester go by really fast?

This week we are back in school and finalizing everything! Finals are slowly creeping up, so good luck everyone!

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  1. We could really use nap time during college, huh! Right there with you. Love that your content is so relatable

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