We are the Champions!

Well guys, we did it! We are almost at the end of the semester!

For some of us, graduation is right around the corner! Moments like this are bittersweet because we are staying goodbye to one portion of our lives and entering a new one.

Let’s think back to just a few weeks ago. We were stressed out from midterms and projects and we are evening feeling it now, but we are about to overcome it!

This is actually my last semester here at York because I am transferring out and am starting at Queens next semester, probably over the summer.

Here’s a link to their website if you wanna follow in my footsteps (WinkWink)

Transferring really isn’t too bad of a process especially if it is from CUNY to CUNY. But anyways, for some of us, this is the end!

Come graduation we are being chucked out into the real world!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! What to do what to do??!!!

No, it’s going to be okay! It’s time to get out there and show the world what we are made of!! This is literally what we have been training for since we got into school years ago!

This is the end of the semester and it is time for our curtain call………..because We are the Champions!  

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